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H-D Name Black Suspenders 42 Inch

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Harley-Davidson’s® Black H-D® Name Suspenders, SUS022303, are for the fashion conscience among us. Suspenders go back about 300-years, with more practical designs first appearing around 1820. They were practical and even a necessity back in those days because of the high cut trouser designs of the time. Fast forward to today. While not a necessity, suspenders have become a modern day fashion statement. One might say Larry King is singlehandedly responsible for their resurgence as a fashion accessory. They come in all sorts of unique designs and colors, and are even excused for their sometimes outrageous violation of fashion “clash” rules, no matter how egregious the offense. Here is a tasteful pair of black suspenders, with a classic orange Bar & Shield® logo, with Harley-Davidson® vertically spelled out in silhouette block letters – all on black. These are perfect for work, or even a night on the town, and are guaranteed to not violate those aforementioned clash rules. No excuse necessary. They are sized at 42-inches. They are also adjustable and will fit most people without issue. Manufacturer Part Number, SUS022303.

  • Harley-Davidson® H-D Name Suspenders
  • Black Suspenders
  • Orange writing
  • Regular Size, 42 Inches
  • Awesome new mens black Elastic apparel suspenders by Harley-Davidson® from the elite Harley-Davidson® clothing team
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SUS022303