Harley-Davidson® 54-Amp High Output Charging System

Part No: 29900028
Brand: Harley-Davidson®
Harley-Davidson® 54-Amp High Output Charging System

The Harley-Davidson® High Output Charging System is engineered to provide 30% more power than the stock system at idle. With 54 amps of output at 4000 rpm, accessories will operate at their peak performance - no more dimming lights, reduced audio performance or under-performing heated gear. This is a recommended installation anytime a multi-amp audio system is installed on the vehicle in order to achieve the full capability of your audio system. It is also recommended when installing headed seats, heated gear and other higher draw powered accessories. Stock on select CVO™ Touring models, the complete kit includes high performance rotor, stator, voltage regulator and all gaskets and hardware required for installation.