Harley-Davidson® Tallboy Seat

Part No: 51469-06A
Brand: Harley-Davidson®
Harley-Davidson® Tallboy Seat

The correct riding position can help a tall rider sit comfortably on the bike and avoid leg cramps and back strain during a long day in the saddle. For riders with a longer inseam, a Tallboy Seat will put you on the road to fatigue-free riding. Designed to move the rider up and back from the stock seating position, a Tallboy Seat can eliminate the "knees-high" riding position and effectively places the body for a natural arm and leg reach to the controls. Tallboy Seats feature a bucket-shaped design for added support and a wide seating surface to reduce pressure on the tailbone. This Tallboy Seat moves the rider back 2.0" and up 3.0" as compared to the Original Equipment seat. The new position allows additional leg and arm movement for the long-limbed rider and a comfortable seating space for the open road. The Tallboy Seat features a smooth vinyl surface that complements many motorcycle models and a wide pillion for added passenger comfort.